Exterior Building Cleaning Services

Cleaner in Leeds, United Kingdom


Car park cleaning
Roof cleaning
Building cleaning
Render cleaning
Cladding cleaning
Graffiti removal
Chewing gum removal
Construction site cleaning
Paving restoration
Decking restoration
High level cleaning
Wet pour cleaning
Pressure washing service
Jet washing service
Power washing service
Steam cleaning service
Chemical cleaning
Abrasive blasting
Blast cleaning

Telephone: 08007723409
Email: info@northernrestoration.co.uk

About Exterior Building Cleaning Services

Northern Restoration specialise in Exterior Building Cleaning and Restoration Services for industrial, commercial and residential customers nationwide. Our steam cleaning system is ideal for cleaning Stone, brickwork, cladding, render, slate, timber or metal and our many years experience makes us first choice for many organisations throughout the UK.


Felix House, 81 Otley Road

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